School’s Out Forever



This one was so easy to name. Thank goodness. It’s 2am, I’m exhausted, so bare with me. Here is this week’s comic. My little brother’s last day of school is this Friday so I figured I would celebrate with him, by drawing this comic.

I always remember as the school year drew to a close, the atmosphere became so much more lax. It was a great feeling. The weather was starting to warm up and class work was becoming less and less you kinda just rode out the last few days on cruise control. The last day of school, for me, might as well been a holiday and this comic is how I remember  it going from first grade, all the way up to college. (Except senior year, that year was scary).

The comic has no real dialogue and the first two panels are pretty simple, but I have to say, the time I put into the last panel, is probably the same amount of time, or maybe even more, than I’ve put into some strips. I think it’s the most amount of detailed characters I’ve ever included in one panel as well. #Firsts

So here it is, this week’s new comic. And for all your guys still in school, enjoy summer break!



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