Pool Shark



So, things that took me far too long with this week’s comic: the title and the last panel.

I literally spent ten minutes clicking the effect layer on and off, in Photoshop, seeing if the white lines would make it into the comic. Long story short, they made did, unless I decided to change it again before I finish writing this description.

The other thing that took too long was the title. Man, I’m not happy with it. I feel like there is definitely something that encompasses this strip better than “Pool Shark”, but I could not think of one, and wanted to get this strip up this week.

As for the comic, it is the unofficial start of summer, with memorial day last weekend. Rockstar was telling me, while we were sitting at the pool, all about the hand-stand contests she used to have with her mom, when she was younger at the pool.  It got me thinking about all the games and contest (see comic) kids play while they are in the pool and how they are usually judged and rated. The concept of children’s pool olympics came to mind, with events like holding your breath for the longest, and I ran with it.

The strip does not really have a punchline, but in my opinion each panel could stand on it’s own. It’s basically like three stand alone strips, with a common theme.

Hope you guys dig.


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