It’s a Plan, a Scam, a Diagram



This week’s comic comes from three separate ideas, all from different people. The first was a story I heard at my college roommate’s wedding last weekend. Apparently, the bride and her sister used to scrape cardboard pieces across the carpet, to make it appear as if it was vacuumed.

The second panel came from my little brother jacob, who asked if I could do a strip where the Must Be This Tall gang doesn’t want to eat their vegetables, because they are too full, but they still have room for dessert.

The third is probably the most random. It comes from the first episode of “Leave it to Beaver” which my brother had on this weekend. (Netflix, man.)

As soon as I heard the story at the wedding, I knew I wanted to do a strip about it. And since I already had done a strip where the gang is too full, but magically has room for dessert (Come on, Jake. Keep up. Jokes) I figured I could put them all together and this is what I got.

I think this idea seems so comical, I mean, it was in an episode of “Leave it to Beaver”. But as the Maxwell sisters proved to me at the wedding, kids do crazy things to get out of doing their chores.

Hope you all dig. See ya next week.


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