It’s Freezing in the Loneliest Winter



Dude it’s cold! Kinda. Apparently it’s trilla cold back home in PA. It snowed on Monday, and it’s supposed to be spring. I live in South Carolina now, where they say it’s cold too, but it’s not. It’s like 50-60 degrees and these guys got winter hats and coats on.

The first three panels were supposed to be like a video sequence. My main inspiration was the bat suit scenes, in the old batman movies. If it was a video, the shots would have been much tighter on their clothing. I thought it would be really boring if it was just a close up of a glove, zipper and shoes so I decided to fill the frame with the whole character instead.

Hopefully this is the last comic I draw, for a while, where the gang is still wearing their winter clothes. Hope you guys all dig it.


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